About Jenny


Hey Y’all! I’m Jenny, and I find pure joy in capturing life’s greatest moments and milestones!  As long as I can remember, I’ve had a camera in my hand.Trying to capture on film the way my eyes see things. I am an observer, with a perfectionist flair, that pushes me to achieve great images. My absolute passion is capturing  babies in that ever changing first year of life. I pride myself on keeping babies safe and comfortable in my studio, as well as, Mom and Dad! I want you to kick off your shoes, and pretend you’re at home (because I promise you that is what I do, LOL). My studio is in the heart of Slidell, in a bright yellow, cozy 100 year old building, with great character and a homey comfort.  I am fully licensed and  insured and maintain a very clean, baby friendly space. Your newborn’s (and family’s!) health and comfort is a huge priority to me.  As a mother and wife, I know and appreciate the true value in documenting your family’s life together. Memories, moments, and milestones.  Moments that you will never get back, but can revisit, are forever cherished in heirloom products and tangible photographs you are able to take home with you from your experience with me.